Everyone in B.C. is feeling the effects of climate change: from forest fires, to floods, to extreme heat. The CleanBC roadmap to 2030 is B.C.’s plan to lower the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change.

In B.C., the largest single source of emissions is transportation. By 2030, the province wants to reduce transportation emissions by about a third.

Here’s how:

  • Making it easier to walk, cycle, and take transit
  • Supporting businesses to move more goods by rail, water or cargo bike
  • Supporting sales of new passenger EVs, so that most new cars sold are electric
  • Helping businesses and industry get and use medium- and heavy-duty EVs

Go Electric helps B.C. meet our emissions goals

Go Electric is helping B.C. make the shift to cleaner transportation. The program makes it easier for people and businesses to buy and own an EV by:

  • Bringing down the price of EVs
  • Making it easier to charge or fuel an EV
  • Supporting research, job training, and economic development in B.C.’s EV sector

Program highlights

Large charging network

B.C. has one of the largest charging networks in Canada with over 3,000 public charging stations and 4 hydrogen fuelling stations available throughout the province.

79,000+ EVs in B.C.

Go Electric has supported more than 79,000 EVs on the roads in B.C.

13% of new vehicle sales

In 2021, 13% of new vehicle sales were EVs, the highest sales rate in North America.

EV job training

The Go Electric Training program helps B.C.’s workforce lead the move to EVs. As of May 2022, 255 electricians have been trained to install and maintain charging infrastructure. 96 automotive technicians have been trained to diagnose, repair and maintain EVs.

Indigenous business and community support

Additional EV rebates are available for Indigenous businesses and communities through the Home and Workplace Charger program, the Public Charger program, and the Fleets program.

Funding new EV products, services and technologies

Through the Advanced Research and Commercialization (ARC) program, 22 projects have gotten funding to develop, bring to market, and use or demonstrate new EV products, services, and technologies.

Program partners

Go Electric is proud to partner with organizations across B.C. Our partners help us:

  • Promote EV use and educate people about EV benefits
  • Deliver rebate programs
  • Develop and deliver policies
  • Build EV infrastructure across B.C.
  • Train and support businesses and industry
  • Create economic opportunities in the EV industry
  • And more!
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Get involved

Climate change impacts all British Columbians, and we all play a part in slowing it down.

No matter your income, location or housing situation, your actions can make an impact. It’s easier and less costly than you think!

Find out what you can do about climate change in B.C.